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Maeda: No.11 "Additional model"

Hi, my name is Maeda.

The following cars have been added in Wangan Maxi 3.

  • Mazda "Mazda Speed 6"
  • Mitsubishi "Lancer Evolution IX MR"
  • Mitsubishi "Lancer Evolution V"
  • Nissan "180SX"
  • Subaru "Impreza WRX STI (F type)"
  • Toyota "Aristo"
Are you using one of these cars?
(What? You're asking me about the Subaru? I don't know what you are talking about??)

It is totally amazing to use only one car and focus on upgrading it, but it also feels fresh and fun to make a clean start and play in one of the new cars.
And the "Discarded card data system" will be helpful if you choose to play with a new car!!
Get discarded card data from a friend for the car you want to use, then create a new card using the data. Then you can start the game from the first stage with 600HP/B status (the same status as when you complete Episode 20 in Story mode). It should give you huge head start.
Give yourself a huge head start using this Wangan Maxi system! Everybody's going to be using it!

It seems like "Maeda"'s ghost is being defeated all over Japan, so I am going to head out for revenge just like Tetsuo. You should all check your battle history for Ghost battle on the confirmation screen!

Soon I'm going to release an "Aero Encyclopedia"!! Just wait a little longer!! See you!

(Original article in Japanese released on 1.23.2008)

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