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MAEDA: No.36 "What is that mystery car?"

Hi folks, Maeda here.
Have you worked out the true identity of this mystery machine yet?

The answer is:

An Audi TT.
What's more, it's one of the world-shaking earlier models.
Like I said last time, there are few cars on the planet cooler than this one.
At the moment I'm making my own little changes; swapping some parts for ones from newer models, putting on blue side mirrors, fitting a 100% Audi 17 inch wheel.
We truly are "Team Ambience". Our look is very important.
Although you can't see them, I also changed over the brake hoses and brake pads - you've got to take care of all parts, even those you can't see. That's the new philosophy of the next-level Team Ambience.
Our watchword is "Nice Ambience!".

My beloved automobiles never seem to feature in the Wangan Maxi games though...Just once I'd like to buy a car that you can use in the games.

Saying that, Nagamatsu was mouthing off at the cart race, saying that his team would beat Team Ambience and have us split up.
He's just got a little too hot under the collar in this warm season.
What's more, apparently he' s been going to the cart track every week to practice!
Surely you should be able to win if you're going to such lengths? One would think so, but Team Ambience, with our patented "no practice, no rehearsal" policy will trounce him with ease.
OK, I'm looking forward to hearing about the results from Nagamatsu...

I'll tell you about the other mystery car next time.
See you!!!

(Original article in Japanese released on 7.16.2008)

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