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Kobayashi: No.4 "Like to try driving a sports car?"

Hello, my name is Kobayashi.
I often go to game arcades these days. I'm really going to see how much people are playing Wangan Maxi 3, but hey!... You guys are good players.
I always leave my ghost at game arcades, but my ghost is often defeated in VS mode by local players. And of course I am no match for top players. I can't even leave a challenge letter for someone. I have to train more!

Even though I don't drive so well in the game, or even in real life, I still enjoy my life with my sports car.

My beloved car is a little bit old - it's a Eunos Road Star. I added a roll bar, adjusted the car's height, and attached high-grip tires to improve the chassis. Furthermore, I changed the transmission to 6-speed, added a high-lift camshaft and big throttle to improve the engine response.
I think that a really interesting point about cars is that you can take an old car with serious limitations and make it into a high-powered car by tuning it.
Driving in a car that has been tuned just as you want is one of the very best things in life.
You can always find other car lovers, whether it is in Hakone in the early morning, or on the expressway in the middle of the night. Because we are all car lovers, we can talk freely and get to know each other naturally. We can enjoy driving together even though we don't know each other's names.

You may be able to understand this feeling if you enjoy playing Wangan Maxi 3 in game arcades.
You often see Wangan racers in the game arcade near your home. Sometimes you challenge them in Ghost battle mode, sometimes you talk to them and enjoy playing VS player mode...

You can have the same experience in real life with your car.
Through racing games, whether it's Wangan Maxi 3 or another company's game, you can enter the world of sports cars if you become interested in it.
These days, many elementary school and junior high school students play Wangan Maxi 3. If you are one of them, I recommend that when you get a license, you buy the same car as you use in Wangan Maxi 3 and ride it. I am sure it will be a lot of fun!

I'm sure a lot of you must already be driving a sports car in real life.
Everybody please tell me what kind of car you drive, how you tune your car and where you're driving That kind of information is very useful for me.
I would be happy if I could drive with you.
I would also be really happy if you posted a message into the Opinion box. I am looking forward to receiving your message.

That's all for today.
Thank you and see you again soon!

(Original article in Japanese released on 11.28.2007)

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