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Kobayashi: No.15 "Fastest Player in Highway Match 2008 in AOU was held"

Hello, my name is Kobayashi.

The "Fastest Player in Expressway Match 2008 in AOU" was held at the Amusement EXPO on Feb 15 (Fri.) and 16 (Sat.).

At the Expo, we were able to meet many Wangan fans, hear their opinions and enjoy talking with them.

Thank you all so much for joining us at the event.
All the development staff really appreciate it.

We plan to hold many more events like these, so please keep on supporting us!

See ya!

Many players and spectators came to the Bandai Namco booth at the Amusement EXPO on Feb. 16 (Sat.) for the "Fastest Player in Expressway Match 2008 in AOU".

Although there was a small accident - the paper panel that said "Now the final match is being held" was removed during the tournament - the event ended on a high note because of all the players who played excitingly to the end, and the supporters.
Thank you all so much.

We will keep on developing games to entertain you all.
Please keep on supporting the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune games!

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3
Fastest Player In Highway Match 2008 in AOU Operation Team

(Original article in Japanese released on 2.25.2008)

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