Producer: Kei Kobayashi

The 3rd Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune has been released!
Are you all enjoying playing Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3?

We added a new game mode called "Ghost Battle mode", but from reading messages posted to the opinion box, it seems that most people think that this mode is necessary to "gain parts for Dress-up".
If you don't know about the true Ghost Battle mode you are really losing out, so let's read about how to play this mode...
You can take revenge on your "friends" in Ghost Battle mode and enjoy playing Wangan even more!

And one more can still enjoy trance music composed by Yuzo Koshiro. Furthermore, all songs are new and written only for this title!
He made great tracks featuring all the characters, from Reina to Akio Asakura.
To tell the truth, we were not sure if he could make tracks that were better than those in Maximum Tune 1 and 2, but he did! He has made more amazing tracks that you can enjoy in the advanced Wangan Maximum Tune World. Don't miss them!

OK, tonight, we are gonna go and take revenge on my "friends" at that game arcade!
Let's go to the game center right away!

Director: Kazuhiro Maeda

The "Wangan Maximum Tune" series have finally reached their 3rd installment. We were able to make this new game because you all keep playing these games. Thank you so much!

In Wangan Maximum Tune 3, we added a new racing style called "Ghost Versus Battle Mode".
This mode gives you a new experience - you can fight against your friends' ghost and then your friend fights against your ghost at game arcades. In this mode, you have a completely new experience - you can watch yourself fighting. Don't miss this great chance to see yourself fight!
What's more, there are even more dress-ups than in Wangan Maximum Tune 2. You can make original combinations and show them to your friends.

Play Wangan Maximum Tune 3 at an amusement arcade near your home today! We think you'll love all the new elements and we hope you will see your requests reflected in the new game!
You're going to have an amazing time playing this new game!

If you have any opinions like: "I wanna play games that are more like this...", "This should be improved", or "I want to drive that car..." please post them into the opinion box.
Who knows? You might see your suggestions come to life in Wangan Maximum Tune 4!