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MAEDA: No.30 "An Earth-bound Fighter Plane"

Hi everybody, it's Maeda here.
Seems like we're coming up for the rainy season again - how are you all doing these days?
I've been gearing up for summer by doing some training to get rid of the belly I built up over the winter.
If I'm not careful, my stomach will be hanging over the edge of my trousers pretty soon.
I'm determined not to lose out to my eternal diet rival, Takenaka!

Wangan programmer, Mr. Nagamatsu, bought himself a Mazda RX-7 (FD3S), and, yes, it's quite a machine.
When he took me for a drive, the feeling inside the car, and the car movements made me feel like I was inside an earth-bound fighter plane.
If you've got this car, you can
I want it to try for fastest at Akagi.

So then, you'll all have seen my family's minivan, the Honda Stepwagon, on the Wangan website last week Future Lab News, but ... those of you who have been reading Future Lab News since Wangan Maxi 1 must be wondering ... Just what did Maeda end up getting after his Honda Integra Type-R?
Believe it or not, my car hasn't appeared online since he final report from Wangan Maxi 1 Future Lab News.

Even in this picture - The final report from Wangan Maxi 2 Future Lab News - it looks like I'm absent from the picture like an elementary school kid who has missed class photograph day (ha-ha).
Retuning to my mystery-shrouded vehicle, the successor to my Honda Integra Type-R was in fact ...

Anybody know what it is?
The front and the back look kind of similar, don't you think? Even looking from the side, it seems to have a kind of bilateral symmetry.
But ... this car is indeed, pretty cool!!
Both the exterior and interior had a big impact on many car designs that came out after this car. There is no doubt that this car occupies an unshakeable position in the history of automobile design.
Although a new model has already come out, I decided to take chance and get this older model, seeing as I liked the shape of it so much. It's a "Feel good car" and no mistake.
So then, who can tell me the make of this car? For those of you who think you know, send your guess in to the opinion box.

What is it? This here machine??
I'm going to leave the puzzle unsolved until next time!!
See you!!!

(Original article in Japanese released on 6.4.2008)

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