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Takahashi: No.8 "Tetsuo's Law of the Jungle"

Good morning. My name is Tetsuo Takahashi, and I am a designer for Wangan Midnight Maxi 3. Here I am again.

Are you all playing Ghost battle mode? Are you all trying your hardest to dress-up your car?
The Impreza GC8 that I use was defeated by ghost rivals again and again, so I added and removed many parts in an effort to win, and I finally settled on a design with a simple combination of works color and light pod.
If I love the design of my car, I always feel good when I am driving.
...There is one thing about Ghost battle mode that has been on my mind ever since Wangan Maxi 3 was released.

Do you know the Aristo with a white body and bright red fire pattern which is displayed on the right of the screen as the basic data for level 10? That car's name is "Tetsuo"! And have you heard of:

"Tetsuo Hunting"??

Have you heard this terrifying expression??

You can gain many dress-up gauges by defeating ghosts with a high level.And "Tetsuo" is selected most as an opponent with level 10 that you can easily defeat. (is that because he is the opponent at the position where you turn the wheel to the right and stop?) I've heard that everybody calls this "Tetsuo Hunting", cutting down Tetsuo as if he were just a weed!

Tetsuo is defeated by skillful players again and again. Poor Tetsuo. He is defeated repeatedly, helpless before the players. I cannot stop crying. I came up with this car.

The "Tetsuo R"

R...R for GT-R, R for REAL.
Tetsuo Racing.
Tetsuo Returns?
Tetsuo Revolution??
Tetsuo Rock'n Roll???
Tetsuo too Relaxed????

Tetsuo Revenge!!
Yes, Tetsuo R's mission is to secretly take revenge on players on behalf of poor Tetsuo.
The card number is 02-90. The Tetsuo R has been given a colored neon wheel upgrade, but the other parts are the same.

Maeda "But you don't have the skills to take your revenge..."

If you see "Tetsuo R" get defeated on the card confirmation screen, please close it softly.

That's all, bye!

(Original article in Japanese released on 12.26.2007)

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