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Nagamatsu: No.17 "The top players were amazing!!"

Hello, everyone, I am the secret Judo uniform man, Nagamatsu. That's me!!

It's very cold, isn't it? Even washing my car is hard for me in this season. It's so cold these days that I can't ride in my car without the air conditioner turned up full.

But in Wangan Maxi 3, you don't have to wash your car to keep it clean!!
The amusement facilities are nice and warm with air conditioners!!
It is good to be able to play in a comfortable environment!!

What did you think about "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Fastest Player in Expressway Match 2008 in AOU", a wonderful event supported by the excitement of the fans? To tell the truth, I entered into the event in secret and checked how the event was going.

Oh, Producer Kobayashi is there!!

The top players who won at the qualification tournaments in Taiwan, China, Japan and Hong Kong were as great as their past records indicated. I kept thinking that I just could not believe how amazing the driving of all the players was.

They were able to drive in VS player mode with other cars and rivals as if they were attacking the border lines in Time Attack!

Even when they were pushed from the side, they were able to estimate the fine timing needed to pull back, drive along another line and keep their balance.

They were driving at high velocities in a straight line until just before the corner then hit the brake pedal suddenly to keep their line.

Then they started to accelerate at full throttle using the full width of the road!
Then they watched for a chance and got the inner line at the next corner!

That was totally cool.

Using strategy while driving is the best point of VS player mode, isn't it?
All the spectators watching from behind were fascinated to see driving taken to an art form.

They are true top players!!
Only watching them is a training for me.

I want to be able to give all the players a good race soon!

In order to achieve this, I will probably need to update my card more than 10 times.
Those players' skills are truly great. When I challenge them, I am defeated every time.

Someday, I will make my "Enaruu" Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) as good as your cars. Until that day, I will train myself without rest.

See you soon!

(Original article in Japanese released on 3.5.2008)

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