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Takahashi: No.3 "Now we have Wangan #3"

Good morning, my name is Tetsuo Takahashi.
It's getting colder and colder every day. Now fall is almost over, but I have not eaten chestnuts yet. Chestnuts are great. Desserts and rice boiled with chestnuts are good, but what I like most is just normal big steamed chestnuts.
And yes, taking of chestnuts... yes, if the astringent skin is steamed well...

... Eh? What are you talking about?
You wanna know who I am?

Sorry to get off the subject...!
My name is Tetsuo Takahashi. I first joined the team to work on Wangan Maxi 3 as a design director. This is the first time I have met you all. Nice to meet you!

I contributed to the Wangan Maxi 3 graphics, which were mainly 3DCG. I first came into contact with this project two years ago, just at the time that Wangan Maxi first came onto the market.
My luck run out... no, no got better when I went to an internal presentation of Wangan Maxi 2. At the presentation, I got to know Kobayashi, the producer, and talked with him about circuit racing, then I was kidnapped... no, no was allowed to join the team.

During the development of the game, I had to face many difficulties, but seeing Wangan Maxi 3 in the street, I was so happy and excited. As I am not a good player, I try and lose completely. Ghost battle mode is so much fun. There is a game machine in our office that has my ghost inside it. When I see my ghost challenged, I cannot help leaving my work and watching the race. It would be good if my ghost won, but it keeps losing right in front of me, so I have to keep watching until it takes its revenge.

My machine is a Subaru GC8 Impreza with a works color. It's a rally car with a light pod.
The card name is "Techinyo", and the card number is 02-13.
If you see me anywhere, please challenge me. Of course, VS player is always welcomed.

See ya!

(Original article in Japanese released on 11.21.2007)

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