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TAKAHASHI: No.42 "Info on Wangan Maxi 3DX"

Hey there, it's Maeda.
Recently we've been having all sorts of weather, right? One day it's hot, the next it's cool, then guerilla warfare-style rain coming out of nowhere...

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX has finally shown itself in public!! All of you who came to the location test, and those who unfortunately could not, look out for it coming soon!
There are more additional elements in it than you could possibly imagine (well it is the Deluxe version, after all).
You're going to love it for sure!!

Today I'm going to introduce you to some of the details that have been included in Wangan Maxi 3DX.
Well it's a small change, but quite important - car height adjustment.
I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would agree with me here.
Fast cars have got to be pretty low to be cool.
In Wangan Maxi 3DX the car heights have been well adjusted. And!!
As you tune the cars the height goes down!!
You can get yourself a real racy looking car.
As I'm sure you know, if your car isn't low, that "Nice Ambience" can't make itself heard.
Try comparing a bunch of car types for yourself.

Ah, that's right - loads of people at the location test said my ghost was weak.
As a matter of fact, many people wrote into the opinions box and said the same thing.
The ghosts of all the project members playing on top form on all courses are going to be put into Wangan Maxi 3DX! Try and beat the project members in Ghost Battle mode!
There's no way we're going to see a repeat of the "Tetsuo Hunting" we saw before!?
We may have appeared all of a sudden in your area and got our revenge on your ghost....keep your eye out for a challenge!

And, by the way, there were only two additional cars featured at the location test - what are the others going to be?
Are there any hidden cars?
I want to tell you all about these things, but...that's all for this time.

(Original article in Japanese released on 8.27.2008)

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