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Takenaka:  No.6 "Godlike skill"

Good evening everyone, my name is Takenaka, a programmer for Wangan Maxi.

When I went to Chiba the other day, I dropped into the game arcade and played Wangan Maxi 3. Someone said to me "You are Mr. Takenaka, right? Want to have a battle with me?" I was so surprised. I could not imagine anyone remembering my face!If you find me playing Wangan Maxi 3, please take it easy on me during the battles (lol).

These days I have been playing VS player mode and Ghost battle mode in Wangan Maxi 3, and I am surprised at how high everybody's skill level is. I had the same experience with Wangan Maxi 2, but I guess maybe you are all so good now because the series has been running for a long time. Your technique seems to be getting better and better.

Still now I cannot believe what I saw there a few days ago.

I was watching a battle in Hanshin Expressway loop line at a certain game arcade. I programmed the Wangan Maxi games in such a way that you can run through the space between the wall and another car, and some players were using this technique very well. But in the area between Yuhigaoka and Ebisucho in Hanshin Expressway loop line, I made it impossible by narrowing the road width. Or so I thought.
Unbelievable. A player got through the (I thought) impossible space, like nothing was wrong, without speed reduction!

This is a godlike technique that even the developers cannot believe is possible. I tried it many times only to find that I totally couldn't do it...

We do sometimes see players that are even better than we expected at various games, but the standard in Wangan Midnight 3 is outstanding. This might mean that you all love to play Wangan Maxi 3 and really enjoy it. I hope so! Thank you so much.

Recently I have been practicing this game in secret so that I can keep up with you in VS player mode and Ghost battle mode. As I said before, please take it easy on me during the battles if you find me playing Wangan Maxi 3. lol.

Thank you and see you again soon!

(Original article in Japanese released on 12.12.2007)

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