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Kobayashi: The first "Run Wangan line with Koshiro's trance music!"

Hello, everybody. I am Kobayashi, producer of this game.

I have come back to Future Lab again!!
Here I am going to talk with the programmers and designers to let you know more about inside stories of the development of this title. Don't miss it!

I strongly recommend that you play Ghost Versus Battle mode in Wangan Maxi 3, but I have already introduced it elsewhere, so now I'd like to talk about another topic that I was involved in for this game ? BGM.

Have you heard the Wangan Maxi 3 BGM in game arcades?
The charismatic composer Yuzo Koshiro once again composed the BGM for Wangan Maxi 3.
All BGM suit the game screens really well, and they are very cool, if I do say so myself. You do agree, don't you?
This music falls into the "Trance" category.
I love driving cars, and often do so on the capital highway at night.
At night, the capital highway is full of lights and the night scenes seen from a car are very beautiful. Trance music is best for such scenes.
The music for Wangan Maxi 3 was composed based on the thrill and exhilaration I feel when I drive in the capital highway at night with trance music.
If you are playing with people who haven't really paid attention to the BGM, please try setting the BGM volume to "Loud" (you can do it at page 9 of the card confirmation screen), and listen closely to the BGM next time you play the game.
Drive in the Wangan line at a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour and be intoxicated with Koshiro trance. You may feel something you have never felt before....

The soundtrack of Wangan Maxi 3 is now on sale.
The tracks contained in this CD are the same as the ones in the game, but they now have real depth as we adjusted sound quality at the time of mastering. They are now even better than the originals in the game! It gives me goose bumps just listening to them.
There is a special gift that is only available with the first printing. It is an original tuning card with a special title named by Mr. Koshiro. You must buy it!
Oops, sorry, I should not have advertised the CD here...

That's all today, bye!

(Original article in Japanese released on 11.5.2007)

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