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Maeda: No.5 "Let's create a nice atmosphere!"

Hi, my name is Maeda.
There are many more aero parts available for your car in Wangan Maxi 3 - have you looked through them?
To tell the truth, it was really hard to create them.

The aero parts that were added to all the cars in Wangan Maxi 3 all have original designs.
Therefore, I had to start from the design sketch stage for all the parts.
And furthermore, in this game, players can attach stickers and change wings, so we had to think about the various combinations. That meant that we had to complete the modeling of the cars early on.
We completed the normal bodies of the new cars and started to design aero parts for each car type. It was hard.

The sketching was done by Takahashi and me, but it took us much longer than we expected. We had to keep on working on it from morning to the middle of the night for two months. It was like an "Aero training camp".
Over and over again we read reference materials like magazines and drew sketches; we checked websites and drew more sketches. We repeated this hundreds of times.
We intentionally turned down designs which were too similar and added design variations focusing on the newness and visible distinctions on the game screen.

The Mitsubishi "Lancer Evolution" series were the most difficult. Because their shapes are originally like full-aero bodies, their original shapes would totally change if we didn't make a really good design, and nothing seemed to have changed at all if we just made a few changes.

So...we sent the sketches that we managed to draw to the manufacturers, modified some parts based on their feed-back and re-submitted them.
(at that point, that High Ace specification was gone...?)

When they were accepted, we sent them to the modeling team, and they started to work on them. But there was so much to do, and it was very hard work.
Because the modeling team only had sketches, they would often say things to us like:
"What is this part supposed to be like?"
"The surface may be twisted if we make this look like your design."
There were many, many problems like these. We had to solve them one by one by drawing sketches from a different angle or by removing all the flaws from the design.
Some cars were completely different from their sketches by the time they were finished.

The models are sent to the manufacturers for the final check after completion, and if no problem is found, the car creation process ends.
As this is our first time, we could not do all that we wanted to do. That's why next time, I would like to create even better dress-up parts.

Thanks, and see ya!

(Original article in Japanese released on 12.5.2007)

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