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Maeda: The first "March of Aero parts"

Hello, my name is Maeda.
Are you playing the new "Ghost Versus Battle mode"?
And have you try the play I introduced you in the special contents?
If no, please try it with your friend on your way back home from school!

You cannot think of Ghost Battle without dress-up.
I got you much more aero parts than in Wangan Maxi 2 as you posted to the opinion box for Wangan Maxi 2.
("Not enough", do you think so?)
There are 3 aero sets in each car type, but we will increase to 5, 7 or 10 if you request so.

The designer of the original aero parts seemed to have many difficulties in designing.
Because there are more car types comparing with Wangan Maxi 3, and he needed to give aero parts to "THOSE YELLOW".
So, to tell the truth, the drafts of parts for some cars were made by me and handed to the designer.

My favorites are:

  • [Mitsubishi GTO Aero set A]

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    The rear-view is especially great. The design is reminiscent of an American Muscle GTO car. Furthermore, the mesh in the air vent pipe is effective as an accent.
  • [Toyota Supra (JZA80) Aero set A]

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    This aero part utilizes the form of the original. The front bumper with its large opening is simple, however it brings definite performance improvement.
  • [Toyota Chaser Aero set A]

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    The design of the front bumper is based on current Toyota designs. I personally like the smoke-finish tail lamp and small spoiler.

I have drawn some other cars, however I'm going to keep them for some other time!

I'm going to release all the designs and descriptions for the aero sets sometime soon, so keep your eyes open!
Thank you, bye-bye!

(Original article in Japanese released on 11.5.2007)

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