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Uchida: No.7 "Cut-ins again"

Hello, my name is Uchida.

Now it's December, the end of the year.
2007 went by so quickly - it didn't seem like a whole year at all.
The biggest event for me this year was when Wangan Maxi 3 came onto the market.

I see many Wangan Maxi 3 machines when I am walking through the streets.
There are more machines than there were with Wangan Maxi 2, so you will have many more chances to play 4-player battle.

The following requests for Wangan Maxi 2 were put into the opinion box;
"I want to have 4 machines at the game arcade near my home."
"I have to go to a game arcade far away from my home."
I think we managed to meet these kinds of request to some extent.

I would like to talk about the cut-ins in Story mode in Wangan Maxi 3.

The number of cut-in dialogs in past Wangan Maxi games was;
  • Original R - more than 100
  • Maxi 1 - about 300
  • Maxi 2 - about 900
When we created Wangan Maxi 2, I thought that there was no way we could have more dialogs, but in Wangan Maxi 3, there are now:
  • Maxi 3 - about 2000

More than twice the number in Wangan Maxi 2!

There are 80 episodes, which is the same as Wangan Maxi 2. That means there are twice as many cut-in dialogs per episode.
I guess looking back that Wangan Maxi 2 was easy to make.

Because we focused on reproducing the original comic when we made Story mode, we naturally had to add a lot of new dialogs.

In some episodes, you can feel like you are reading the original comic because almost all the dialogs in the comic have been reproduced.
This time I really think we can't have any more dialogs!

Please read the cut-in dialogs when you play Story mode.
But be careful not to pay to much attention to the dialogs as you might crash into the wall or other cars and get beaten by a rival character - it's been happening for a long time to players of the Wangan Maxi games!

On a final note, I am going to give you one tip.

When the result screen is displayed in Time Attack mode...

press the brake pedal, and the following screen will appear

The password is enlarged so that you can take a picture or note of the password for Internet Ranking.

That's all for today.
See you.

(Original article in Japanese released on 12.19.2007)

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