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Uchida: No.2 "Hello from Wangan Maxi 3"

If Wangan Maxi 3 is your first experience of the Wangan Maxi games, nice to meet you!If you have been playing these games since Wangan Maxi 2, then thanks very much for keeping playing.
If you have been playing this game since Wangan Maxi 1, then thank you so much!
My name is Uchida, and I have been the specifications director for all the Wangan games, and I am happy to be doing the same job here for Wangan Maxi 3.

We have now reached number three in the Wangan Maxi series.
When I was working on the very first Wangan game, I never thought that I would be working on number three sometime in the future...

Now we are stuck in a kind of spiral where it becomes more difficult to create each new sequel.
But, of course, when the game finally comes out, all the difficulties we experienced during creation of the game turn into happy memories.

I'd like you to pay attention to the way that the rival characters from the original comic move in the game - it is one of the highlights in Story mode in Wangan Maxi 3.
The one I love most is Teizuka in Episode 34!!

I focused on reproducing the original comic, so I asked our programmer Takenaka to enable spinning, blowing, joining in the race midway and starting at 0km/h.
Originally, I planned that Teizuka would join the battle from the middle of Episode 34 and would stay onstage until the end.
So I read the original comic, set the points where he appeared, and thought to myself "OK, now I'm done"...

But when I read the original again, I found that he spun and stopped just after his appearance.

Although spinning, blowing, joining in the race midway and starting at 0km/h were enabled, I hadn't thought about what it meant to combine them all. So, I asked Takenaka, who was working late on adjustments to the game, "Can you do this?" We then tried it out to see if it was possible.

As a result, "Joining in the middle of the race/game → Immediately spinning and exiting " turned out to be possible.

Then I adjusted the timing to reproduce the atmosphere of the original comic.
That's why Teizuka only races for an unheard-of 5 seconds.

This could only happen in Wangan Maxi 3!
Had this been "Wangan Maxi 1", every team member would have said "What a waste that the character we made disappears 5 seconds after his appearance!"
It may be a kind of a wasteful way of using a character.

I also really liked Gatchan from Story 26.
You may have come across Gatchan's speaking-attack In Wangan Maxi 2, and it gets even more powerful in Wangan Maxi 3.

It means that this episode has got a bit harder than we first expected...we kind of regret that a little...sorry!

Other than the above, there are many scenes that fans of the original comic can enjoy, plus there are lots of surprises for people who aren't familiar with the original.

I hope you enjoy Wangan Maxi 3 for many, many years to come!

(Original article in Japanese released on 11.15.2007)

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