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Nagamatsu: No.9 "Happy New Year!!"

Happy new year, everyone!
My name is Nagamatsu, and I am a programmer, but I am also known as the man with the secret Judo uniform.
I hope you all will support Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 this year.

2008 has just begun!
Have you all received your New Year's gift yet?
Have you spent your Xmas money yet?
Are you wondering what you should buy? Saving up money is good, but spending it all is good too! It makes me so happy thinking about how I'm going to use my money!!

It's kind of the same good feeling as when you're shopping for a new car or new parts.
I want to upgrade my car in many ways, but it is very hard for me to control my desires.

I think that wanting to upgrade my car is something that lies deep in my psyche! That's why recently I have been dressing up my car during Ghost battle mode in Wangan Maxi 3.

Attaching aero parts and removing them, affixing a sticker and taking it back off, adding a GT wing...

I find that I say things like:
"No, that isn't good...oh, that fit well!!"
when I am trying to make a nice car when playing in Ghost battle mode.

I don't think I'll ever be satisfied...

But it's good that in Wangan Maxi. It's easy to attach and remove parts.
It's almost impossible in real life.

And if you buy one more car, you can enjoy having a "Second car" life.
I already have multiple cards.

It makes for a whole range of possible dress-ups!!
When I complete my dress-ups, I will go to game facilities all over Japan! Let's race!!

OK, see you again!!

(Original article in Japanese released on 1.9.2008)

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