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Kobayashi: No.14 "Wangan Maxi 3, the finals in Taiwan and Hong Kong"

Hello, my name is Kobayashi.
Hi, everyone, have you checked out the "Fastest Player in Expressway Match 2008" on the top page yet?
This event is held as part of the "AOU Amusement EXPO" in Makuhari Messe.
In this match, 8 players (2 champions who have come to Japan from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, plus 2 representatives from Japan ) will fight to become the fastest player in Asia.

I'd like to tell you now about the finals in Taipei and Hong Kong.

The four players who were going to race in the final had already been decided in Taipei.
The rules were as follows;
The 4 players race together; the first gets 3pts, the second 2pts, the third 1pt, and the fourth 0pts. The first player to get 15pts is elected as the champion and gets a ticket to Japan.
It was Saturday afternoon, so many Wangan 3 fans and speculators were there and the venue was heated by their excitement.
There were so many tough battles in the finals. As the skills of the players were so well matched, I had no idea who would win, but one player gradually rose up above the others, and in the ninth battle, finally he won!

Then, the next day, the final was held in Hong Kong.

The 64 elite players who won the qualification matches at game arcades all over Hong Kong gathered for the Hong Kong final. There were divided into two groups (Group A and Group B) for the tournament matches. The winners of these tournaments were going to be appointed as the representatives for Hong Kong.
In this final, the players could select the course they wanted to drive on, but most of them decided to race on the Hakone course. It seemed that people in Hong Kong were all really good at racing at Hakone. The winner was always decided at the beginning of the last U-turn corner.
Oh, I have one thing to tell you - there were many female players in Hong Kong.
In this final, there was a special race for girls, and the skill level in their battles was pretty high. I think I would have been defeated if I had tried to race against them...
After the top 8 matches, all of the players had the skills to win; their skills were well matched and very high. It was basically down to who had fortune on their side. What amazing races!
And... finally the champion in Hong Kong was decided!

The ceremonial photo with the high-ranking winners in the final and special race for girls.

This weekend, the day for the final of the "Fastest Player in Highway Match 2008" will come at last.
Great players from Taiwan, China, Japan and Hong Kong will fight world-class fights to get the title of the Champion in East Asia. I am sure this event is going to be electric!

You may have a chance to fight against the champions from Japan and overseas in an exhibition match.
There will be machines on which you can play the game for free. Please come and enjoy "Amusement EXPO 2008" held in Makuhari Messe on Feb. 16 (Sat.).

The whole Wangan Project team is waiting for you to join us!!

See ya!

(Original article in Japanese released on 2.13.2008)

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