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MAEDA: No.48 Wangan Maxi 3DX Information: 2

Hi there, it's Maeda.
It certainly has become cold recently, right?
Until the roads freeze over in winter, we can enjoy the autumn driving season.

So ... time for some more news on Wangan Maxi 3DX.

I'm going to tell you a bit about the production in Story Mode this week.
In Future Lab News last week there was a story about splitting the work for Story Mode between members of the development team ? and guess what!! I got to do the Ishida part! It's really popular with fans of the original Wangan comic.
I'm pretty happy about that ... Ishida has the most dominating presence in the early Wangan Midnight comics.
In Wangan Maxi 3, he only appeared one time - next to Reina in her car - but in the Wangan Midnight comic, what with fighting with illness and his conflict with his father, he was maybe the No. 1 dramatic character, don't you think?

In 3DX, I complied the emotional Ishida story from the comic into five short stories.
And!!! In the fifth and final story, I went wild and put in some extra production in the middle.
(to the horror of art director Tetsuo ... .) It's a little different to anything we have done up till now, so please take a look when the game comes out ? I hope you like it ...

By the way! When we were making Wangan Maxi 3, I went wild (again) and put in some extra production in the middle.
(actually, I went ahead without asking anybody and snuck in the extra production with the help of a few of the designers and producers)

What is this production, you ask?! Well, it's the highly contentious scene where Makoto appears midway through Story 71.

It's clearly different from the production in other places ... The faces are huge.
Female characters are pretty rare in Wangan Midnight, so I wanted to put her face right up in the forefront.

What kind of production will we be able to make next, I wonder?
Please keep your eyes open for some more interesting production coming from me soon.

Oh yeah, to try and take a break from my busy schedule, I took a trip to the mountains.
Do you know where this is? It looks like the Initial D battle scene is being fought nearby, right?

So, what kind of car do you think this is ??? I'll just leave the answer shrouded in mystery till next time.

Mini news flash
A new version of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Universal Edition- is now available for people in wheelchairs!

Bandai Namco Games have been researching and developing an arcade machine, aimed at amusement facilities, that people can use while they are sitting in their wheelchair.
With the cooperation of Keihin Seimitsu - manufacturer of parts for optical devices and cars - and racing driver Hirokazu Nagaya, we have been busy developing racing game machines that allow fans to play without using their legs and without losing any of the fun of the game.

*This is what it looks like.

There is going to be an event featuring Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 Universal Edition on the 13th of October (Monday/holiday) in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza. [Namco Wonderpark Heroes Base] (managed by Namco)! The game is an improved version of the racing games we are working on just now.

There will be a game convention, a talk show with racing driver Hirokazu Nagaya, and a chance to try out the Universal Edition ? it should be a really fun event!

Please come along ? bring your friends and family too!

Click for details.

(Original article in Japanese released on 10.8.2008)

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