VS PARK Aeon Mall KYOTO store - FAQ


Please be sure to check before experiencing the activity

If you do not play correctly, it may lead to unexpected injuries.
Please read the experience restrictions and precautions for each activity and follow the correct way to play.

Warm up thoroughly!

Make sure to do warm-up exercises. If you think you can do it and hustle too much, you may end up getting unexpectedly injured.
Be careful not to overdo it when running, balancing activities, or anything that involves vigorous movement!
If you are not feeling well or unsure, please do not push yourself too hard.

Activities that require special attention

  • ・“ NIGEKIRU”…Focus on the lower body
  • ・“ Poka Poka Stadium” … Full body exercise, shoulders and neck
  • ・“Jump&Jump”…Full body exercise, ankles, knees
  • ・“Ogama Rodeo”…Full body exercise, shoulders and neck
  • ・“ BOMBER ATTACK”…Full body exercise, shoulders and neck
  • ・“NEW SHINOBI RACE”…Full body exercise, shoulders and neck
[Those who can enter but cannot experience activities]
  • ・Those under elementary school age or pregnant
[Those who cannot enter]
  • ・Those who are in poor physical condition, Individuals who have consumed alcohol, have a weak heart, are prone to motion sickness, or have experienced loss of consciousness due to light stimulation.
    • *Some activities may not be available to those who are unable to walk independently.
    • *If you have a physical disability, please ask the staff.
    • *If you have any other symptoms that may be worsened by the experience, please refrain from participating.
[Those with the following symptoms cannot experience]
  • ・Dizziness, Claustrophobia, Respiratory disorders, Convulsions, Hypertension, Fear of the dark, Diseases of the neck, back, and lower back, People with sensitive skin, Noise sensitivity
[Precautions for experience]
  • ・Those under elementary school age cannot participate in all activities.
  • ・ Extension fee will be charged if you exceed the time of your purchased ticket. Please note that staff will not contact you.
  • ・Some activities have experience requirements (height and weight), so please check the notes for each activity.
  • ・Please refrain from cutting into the waiting line for activities, taking up space, and eating or drinking while experiencing the activity.
  • ・Please take adequate breaks when participating in activities.
  • ・Operations may be suspended without prior notice due to breakdowns, maintenance, or other reasons.
  • ・Reception for activities will close 30 minutes before closing. Depending on the congestion situation, registration may close earlier than scheduled.
  • ・Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions.
  • ・Smoking is prohibited inside the building.
[About clothes and footwear]
  • ・Activities involve movements that involve large movements of the body. Please wear clothes and footwear that are easy to move in to prevent accidents.
  • ・You are responsible for dealing with any damage to your clothing, etc.
  • ・Please refrain from wearing sandals, open-toed shoes, or high-heeled shoes.
  • ・Depending on the activity, you may be asked to take off your shoes or change them.
  • ・Some activities at this facility involve the risk of serious accidents.
  • * Some activities carry the risk of serious injury.
  • * Please understand the risk of each activity before participating.
  • *Participation in certain activities may not be permitted for individuals with disabilities.
  • * VS PARK is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur at the facility.
  • *You are responsible for any damages to other users or facilities caused by your own intention or negligence.


About the entire facility

What are your business hours?
It will be from 10:00 to 21:00. (Last entry is 19:00)
*Depending on the congestion situation, admission may be restricted.
Are there any regular holidays?
Closed on days when Aeon Mall KYOTO is closed. (Due to circumstances, business may be suspended without notice.)
Some activities involve large movements of the body. For your safety, please wear clothes and footwear that are easy to move in.
Please refrain from wearing sandals, open-toed footwear, or high heels.
Depending on the activity, you may be asked to take off or change your shoes and socks.
Is smoking allowed?
The entire building is non-smoking.
Can I take photos or record videos with a video camera inside the venue?
Photography is possible. Please note that taking photos that may disturb other customers and using them for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
Can I use a selfie stick?
In order to ensure your safety within the facility, we do not allow the use of selfie sticks or other photographic aids other than equipment rented from the store.
Is there Wi-Fi?
Although we have them available, there are some terminals that cannot be used.
Is there a first aid room?
Yes. If you do not feel well, please contact the nearest staff member.
Are there lockers in the facility?
There are free lockers on site. (The number is limited.)
Can you store my large luggage?
We do not take care of your belongings.
*There are large lockers inside Aeon Mall KYOTO.
Can you keep my stroller and wheelchair?
It is not located in VS PARK. Please use the exchange space inside Aeon Mall KYOTO.
Is there a place to change diapers?
It is not located in VS PARK.
Is there a nursing room?
We would like to inform you about its use in the first aid room.
Where can I inquire about lost items?
Please contact the ticket counter at the entrance.
Can I bring in food and drinks?
We do not allow food or drinks to be brought into the venue.
Are there drink vending machines?
Are there changing rooms?
There is a changing room for women in VS PARK.

About admission and tickets

Regarding admission of children under elementary school age
Children under elementary school age cannot participate in all activities.
Admission is free only if accompanied by a guardian (paid) who is 20 years of age or older.
*As an exception, parents and heads of child welfare facilities may be under the age of 20.
Can accompanying parents enter for free?
There will be a charge for those accompanying you.
Can I come with a stroller or wheelchair?
You are welcome to come.
Is it possible to enter with a pet?
We do not allow pets with the exception of guide dogs, service dogs, etc.
Can I re-enter?
Re-entry is possible only for temporary exits. Please ask the exit staff.
(You cannot stop the usage time from passing.)
Is it a replacement system?
There is no replacement system. If you are using Two-hour Pass, you can extend your stay even after the 120-minute unlimited play time has passed, as long as it is within business hours.
Is it possible for elementary school students to enter only?
Admission is possible. Please decide your return time, time and place to meet. Also, please feel free to contact me.
There is a meeting place at the exit of the facility.
Is it possible to enter in cosplay?
There are no restrictions on admission as long as you agree to the following points.
  • ・Please refrain from changing clothes inside the venue or at nearby facilities, as this may cause inconvenience to the general public.
  • ・We do not store baggage or small items. Please use the lockers.
  • ・Please refrain from activities that may cause inconvenience to other customers (such as exclusive use of the aisle for photo sessions).
  • ・Please refrain from wearing the following costumes.
    • ◦Dangerous costumes or costumes that impede operations (e.g., have sharp decorations, obstruct traffic, etc.)
    • ◦Costume that makes other customers feel uncomfortable (excessive exposure of bare skin, unsuitable for the environment, etc.)
    • ◦Costume that violates public order and morals
    • ◦Other items that the management has individually determined to be inappropriate
  • ・We will not compensate for damage to costumes, etc.
  • ・In addition to the above, please follow the staff's instructions.
  • ・If you do not comply with the above, you may be asked to leave the venue. Even in that case, we will not refund the fee.
Is there a discount for people with disabilities?
Prices are 2,000 yen for adults, 1,700 yen for students, and 1,300 yen for elementary school students on weekdays. On weekends, holidays, and high season, the fee is 2,100 yen for adults, 1,800 yen for students, and 1,400 yen for elementary school students.
A discount is available for each guest and one accompanying person.
When purchasing a ticket, please present the original of the notebook listed below or the screen displaying disability notebook information from the smartphone app (Mirairo ID).
*There is no discount for Extension fee.

■Example of disability certificate:
Physical disability notebook, rehabilitation notebook, mental disability health and welfare notebook, atomic bomb survivor notebook, war injury and disease notebook, and other notebooks and documents with photos issued by the government or public institutions.
  • *Participation in certain activities may not be permitted for individuals with disabilities.
  • *Instead of the original notebook, we will also accept a reduction application form.
Do you have an annual pass?
Not for sale.
Can I apply as a group?
We only accept group applications for use on weekdays.
Group applications must be made by elementary school students or older, with a minimum of 20 people.
For information on how to apply, please check the "Group Inquiries" page on our official website. Or please contact us by phone at 075-644-5797.
Can I use a credit card?
Available at the ticket counter.
credit card company
  • Aeon, VISA
  • Aeon Ginrei
  • UC
  • JCB
  • DC
  • MUFJ
  • AMEX
  • MI
Can I use electronic money such as transportation IC cards?
Available at the ticket counter.
  • Kitaca・SUICA
  • toica
  • manaca
  • Hayakaken
  • WAON
  • iD
  • QUICPay+
  • AEONPay
  • AEONPay、Alipay+、We Chat Pay
Can I make a reservation?
We are not currently taking reservations.
Can I get a receipt?
We will issue it at the ticket counter.
(*Invoice supported)

About experience conditions

Are there any experience or age requirements?
Children under elementary school age cannot participate in all activities.
Also, some activities have experience requirements (age, height, weight, etc.).
In addition, the following people cannot participate.
  • ・Those who are not feeling well
  • ・ Individuals who have consumed alcohol
  • ・Those with a weak heart
  • ・People who easily get motion sickness
  • ・Those who are pregnant
For detailed experience conditions, please click here.