What kind of place is VS PARK?

Indoor “dangerous” activity facility

Enjoy it like a variety show!

VS PARK brings together activities that are as large-scale as a variety show and incorporate entertainment elements!

People watching burst out laughing! Another feature of VS PARK's activities is that you can have fun by involving those around you.

Adults and children alike!

VS PARK's activities are something that anyone can easily enjoy, regardless of age or physical strength! Recommended for students as well as families.
Run, throw, hit, and jump! Adults and children alike will have lots of fun with a variety of activities!
*Applicable to elementary school students and above.

It's okay if you're not good at sports!

Full-scale exercise is hard, but with VS PARK, you can get a moderate amount of exercise while having fun with friends and family, so it's perfect for a casual way to get your body moving! Enjoy yourself freely while choosing activities that suit your physical strength.

Safe on both hot and rainy days!

VS PARK is an indoor facility, so you can use it safely at any time regardless of the weather.
You won't have to let the weather ruin your planned outing.
It can also be used for excursions and recreation for schools and children's groups. (*Group plans are also available.)

Typical activities

  • Jump×Jump

    Jump and crouch on two rotating bars to avoid falling off the island for 60 seconds!


    Face off against 9 types of beasts, including cheetahs and Tyrannosaurus, in a 10m super sprint!


    Push giant balls to drop opponents into the ball pool

*Activities vary depending on the store.

List of locations

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