Game System

  • If you beat a character from the original comic in Story Mode, you get tuning points. Your car will be tuned up when you have earned sufficient tuning points.
  • You cannot tune your car up in modes other than Story Mode.
  • There are two types of tuning. One is "Power", which is used to increase your car's acceleration and top speed. The other is "Handling", which helps you to turn corners easily. You can combine these tunings as you like to make your favorite car.
  • You will get 600 horsepower of tuning at the end of episode 20, and 800 horsepower at the end of episode 40. You will get a maximum of 820 horsepower if you finish episode 80.
  • If your car is tuned up in or after episode 21, you can move tuning gages obtained in or after episode 20 to find your favorite settings.
  •  List of Basic Tuning Options from episode 1 - 20