Game System

  • In Time Attack mode, you run alone in the course and compete against the clock.
  • Select a car to use in Time Attack.
    Personal Best Mode is a mode where you play Time Attack using a car you have registered.
    In Official Machine Time Attack, you play Time Attack using cars designated for Time Attack Mode.
    (A card is required to play in this mode)
  • [Screen]Select a car to use in Time Attack and then select a driving course to race on. There are 13 courses available.

    -C1 inner circular -C1 outer circular -New circular left -New circular right -Wangan line East -Wangan line West -Yokohane line Downwards -Yokohane line Upwards -Hanshin Expressway loop line -Hakone Outbound -Hakone Inbound -Tokyo Metro 1 round -Kanagawa Metro 1 round

    * One additional coin is required to play "Tokyo/Kanagawa Metro 1 round".
    * If any other player challenges you while playing "Tokyo/Kanagawa 1 round", the additional coin becomes invalid.

  • Select time zone and BGM.
  • If you complete the course within the set time in Time Attack, your result is displayed. The result is also recorded on the card, if used. If you were not able to complete the course within the set time, the race stops there and the game is over.
    If you break your own record, the Internet password for that time gets printed on the card.