Game System

  • In 10 Outrun Mode, you have to defeat rivals in succession.
  • Fist you have to select a course. There are 7 courses you can select.

    - C1 inner circular - C1 outer circular - New circular left - New circular right - Wangan line - Yokohane line - Hanshin Expressway loop line - Hakone

  • Once you select a course, you will then select a difficulty level - for each course there are 10 difficulty settings.
    Difficulty settings are based on the overall horsepower of the opponent.
    The horsepower level is displayed in the middle of the screen.The comic characters you'll race against are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start the game and you will see the first rival. A green line is shown before the rival car. If you reach that line, it means you have defeated the rival. If you defeat the first rival, then the next rival will appear. If you defeat 10 rivals in succession, it means you have successfully completed this mode.
  • There are three clearing times for each level: "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold"
    Clear "Gold" time
    Clear "Bronze" time
  • The aim of Outrun Mode is to clear in Gold time in every course and every level.
  • If you clear all courses and all levels in Gold time, you can play a special game.