Course Descriptions

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The Approach to Rainbow Bridge Ginza Area Southbound, latter Half Ginza Area Southbound, First Half Edobashi Branching, New Belt Left Hamazakibashi Branching, towards the City Center Route 9 Fukagawa line Wangan line, to Tatsumi
There are a lot of high speed areas, such as Route 9 Fukagawa line, Route 11 Daiba line and Wangan line.
The range of speed in Wangan line is extremely high because of its long straight roads.
You can run though the Expressway's new spot - Rainbow Bridge - in this course.
Course Layout
Because the Ginza area, with its difficult corners, appears between high-speed areas, you have to consider the balance of these different areas in your tuning.
If you focus on tuning for straight roads, you will have to compete at the narrow Ginza area using just your driving skills!