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For first-time users

Step.1 Check in advance

Ticket Rate

Our restaurant offers "Regular Season Rates," "High Season Rates," "Very High Season Rates," and "Special High Season Rates," with rates varying depending on the day of the week and season.
Please check the "Price Calendar" in advance to confirm the price on the day of your visit.

【Regular Price】
There is a `` Two-hour Pass'' and a ``free pass'' (limited quantity sold). In both cases, you can enjoy all activities as much as you like after entering.
Two-hour Pass
You can use it for 120 minutes from the entrance time.
An extension fee applies once you go over your ticket time.
Please track your own facility time. The staff will not inform you of your time.
Free pass
Passes are available in limited quantities. You will also have unlimited re-entry into the venue until the last entry time.
Please inform the venue staff when leaving or re-entering.
[Special price]
Applicable to long holidays, extremely busy periods, etc.
There are three types of fare: "General", "Student", and "Elementary School".
  • *Students are required to present their student ID card.
  • *Free admission for children under elementary school age, but not all activities.


You will move a lot for each activity. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear to prevent injury.

〇 Recommended
Easy-to-move clothes, comfortable shoes
× NG clothes
Skirts, revealing clothes, clothes not suitable for exercise
Sandals, open-toe footwear, and heeled shoes
  • ・Those wearing a skirt cannot experience "Plasmacar".
  • ・ You may need to remove or change your footwear for some activities.

Appropriate clothing for playing (example)

Facility Guide

Facility presence or absence
  • ・Free rental lockers are available (1 size, internal dimensions: width 39 cm x depth 47 cm x height 39 cm)
  • ・The number of lockers is limited.
  • ・If you have luggage that does not fit in the locker, such as a suitcase, please contact the reception staff.
Smoking Room × Smoking is not allowed inside the store.
Bathroom You can find it in our store.
first aid room If you do not feel well, please let the staff know.
vending machine (drinks) A drink vending machine is installed in the store.
Free Wi-Fi Some terminals cannot be used.
Charging place (charge) × No.
nursing room We will guide you through the use of the First Aid Room. Please inform the staff nearby.
Changing room There is a changing room for women in the store.

Step.2  Once you arrive at VS PARK

1.Purchase your ticket

  1. ① Please line up in the reception line.
    *  Time-based entry tickets may be distributed on crowded days.
  2. ② Proceed to the ticket counter with everyone in your party once it is your turn.
  3. ③ Payment
  4. ④ Put on the armband you will receive prior to entering.
     Be careful not to lose the armband.
  • Please wear an arm holder in the store.

2.  Put your things in a locker and get ready for fun

  • ① Please use the free lockers in the store for your luggage. Lockers can be taken in and out as many times as you like.
    You can set your own password for the locker. Please do not forget your PIN.
    •  Put any jewelry and accessories in the locker to avoid losing them.
      (Please remove accessories for some activities.)
    • ・Some activities have smartphone stands, so please use them to shoot videos during the experience.
    • ・You cannot use your own selfie stick. We rent items specified by the store. Please ask at the reception counter if necessary.
    • ・Please be careful not to forget the number of the locker you are using.
  • ② After putting your belongings in the locker, please do warm-up exercises to prevent injury.

Let's play to our heart's content!

How to play in the store

  • ・There is an explanation of how to play at the entrance of the activity. Please read before the experience.
  • ・After the experience, please return the tools you used to their original positions.
  • ・For some activities, you will be asked to remove your wristwatch and glasses, or to empty your pockets. Please do not forget it after you finish.
  • Read the instructions on how to play and try it out.

  • After the experience, let's return the tools to their original positions.

How to play
  • ・Please hydrate frequently. There is a drink vending machine in the store.
  • ・Benches are installed in various places. If you get tired, sit down and take a rest.
  • ・ Pace yourself with vigorous and easy-going activities.
Re-entry is permitted for temporary exits. Please speak to the staff at the exit. Time spent outside will count towards your facility time.

Please track your own facility time.
*Extension charges will be incurred if the usage time has passed. Please pay the extension fee when you leave the store.

 Operations may change without notice due to damage or maintenance.

Step.4 After the experience ends

  1. ① Remove your luggage from the locker. Please check if you have forgotten anything.
  2. ② Go to the exit counter and return the armband.
    * If there is Extension fee, there is an additional payment.

Let's all look back on the videos and photos we took as memories later!
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