The World of Wangan Midnight

Once you have used a Present Card 5 times, provided that you have completed up to Episode 20 in Story Mode, the card will not be printed with "Used". Instead, it will be ejected with "Discarded Vehicle Data" printed on it.
When you have completed up to or past Episode 20 in Story Mode with a Present Card
The "Discarded Vehicle Data" card can be used to create a card for a machine with 600HP.The 600HP machine card you can make at this point is known as a "600HP Card".
A 600HP Card has the following characteristics.
  • You can choose any card name you like.
  • Car type: stays the same as the original card
  • Body color: stays the same as the original body color
  • Power Tuning: Up to the 10th stage
  • Handling Tuning: Up to the 10th stage
  • Story Mode results: Completed up to Episode 20
  • Ghost Versus Battle results: Returns to default state
  • Dress-up status: Returns to default state
  • 10 Outrun Mode: Returns to default state
  • Time Attack Record: Returns to default state
  • VS Player battle record: Returns to default state
  • Level: Goes to C8 Class
  • Title: Goes to "Wangan Beginner"
  • Mileage: Returns to default state
  • Meter, BGM, etc: Return to default state
  • Internet Ranking: Not possible. (no password will be issued)
  • Number of times the card can be used: The card can be used 60 times, and can be renewed
A 600HP Card can be made as follows.
  1. Insert coins into the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX game machine, and start the game.
  2. Insert the Discarded Vehicle Data Card when "Insert the card" screen appears.
  3. You will then be asked, "Do you want to create 600 HP card?"
    Insert sufficient coins, and a 600HP Card will be created.
  4. Your Discarded Vehicle Card will be ejected in a "Used" condition.
  5. Enter a Card Name for your 600HP Card
  6. . The card data confirmation screen will appear. You can then play the game as normal.
    In Story mode, the game starts from Episode 21.
Examples of how to use a Discarded Vehicle Card and a 600HP Card
Example 1) "I worked so hard to get up to 825HP but then I lost the tuning card!"
If this happens, you can create a "600 HP card" with the same name by using the "Discarded vehicle data card". It's not a perfect backup, but it's a whole lot better than starting your tuning from zero again!
Example 2) "I want to entice my friend into the world of Maxi 3DX. I made a Present Card for starters, but my friend has never played this game."
Get your friend to play with the Present Card 5 times, then get him or her to make a 600HP Card from the Discarded Vehicle Card that is created. That way, your friend can get to full tuning much faster than by starting from zero!!
Example 3) "After trying out 3DX with a Present Card, I found a car type I really like. But it will cost a lot if I start tuning from the beginning......"
Play with the Present Card 5 times, then make a Discarded Vehicle Data Card. Use that card to make a 600HP Card. That way, you can get to full tuning much faster than by starting from zero!! CONFIDENTIAL