Producer: Kazuhiro Maeda

Here it is!
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX!! In the new game, we've added new courses, car models and boosted the MAXHP up to 825!!

Episodes from the original comics, both new and old, have been added to Story Mode. With the Ishida, Yuji and Ogishima compilations, you can get a feel for the whole world of the original Wangan Midnight comics.
As well as the stories themselves, you have got to see the in-race development and the short animations!
What's more, there are surprise stories awaiting you, so don't make the mistake of stopping just when you get to 825HP!!
Have fun playing Story Mode right through to the end.

The highly rated Ghost Versus Battle Mode now has the Maxi Coin system, making for even more exciting races!
Your coins from Wangan Maxi 3 will be added to your total number of coins, so add'em up and show off to your friends!
All the coins you've saved up might just come in handy one day soon (?)

Early next year (January 2009), the mysterious new sports car, after being hidden for so long, will be featured in a campaign where you can use it before the game is released!
Anybody can join in the campaign, so give it a go.

We're also planning to hold the first "All Japan Tournament", so if you think you've got what it takes to beat players from all over Japan, come along!!

In the meantime, keep practicing!!

And there's loads more!
Wangan Maxi 3DX is hotter than ever!!
Get ready for some highly evolved and high-speed battles!!

Director: Masaki Uchida

Hi there, my name is Masaki Uchida, and I'm the director for the Wangan Maxi Series.
Looks like the time has finally come to write the "Greetings" section for 3DX...

The Wangan Maxi Series is now in its fourth instalment.
It's also been about five years since I first got involved with the original Wangan Maxi games.
It's the same every time we release a new game, but I'm beginning to feel the birthing pains.

Saying that, I know you guys are all eagerly anticipating this game, and that really helps me to work harder.
Seeing our games sold all over the world and all the fans playing in the arcades makes all the effort worthwhile.

Wangan Maxi 3DX (deluxe) truly lives up to its title, because here's what's on offer!
Maximum power tuning is now 825HP, taking you to a new world of speed!
An updated Story Mode, packed full of many new episodes from the original Wangan comics.
As well as the little-seen Ishida and Yuji compilations, there is a whole new story, the Ishida compilation!
In Ghost Versus Battle Mode, it's now even easier to find opponents, and you can get Maxi Coins!
Four of the newest Japanese sports cars have been added!
There's a new course for Wangan fans from the Tokai region - The Nagoya Expressway Loop!

We've also tried to put in as many of the suggestions and requests that we received since Wangan Maxi 3 came into the world.

Wangan Maxi 3DX is even easier to play than Wangan Maxi 3.
I really hope you guys will enjoy playing this game for many years to come!

Supervisor: Kei Kobayashi

And it's here at last! 3DX!!
In 3DX you will find an updated Story Mode, extra courses and new car types. Lots of new ways to select ghosts have been put into Ghost Versus Battle Mode, so it's even easier to play. A whole load of other improvements have been made too, like decreased loading time at the start of VS Player games.
When you play the game, I'm sure you'll notice it has got much more user-friendly in loads of different places.
We're planning to hold various campaigns and tournaments for this new game, so you'll have plenty of chances to enjoy the world of Wangan Maxi inside and outside of the game.
Play with your friends and get the most out of Wangan Maxi!

So then.
I've been working on the Wangan Midnight project since right back in 2000! I've was the director and producer for the last five titles - Wangan Midnight, Wangan Midnight R, and all three Wangan Midnight Maximum Tunes, but for 3DX, I handed over the producer's reins to *Maeda* and supported the Wangan project from a distance.
From now on, we will be doing our best for the Wangan Project under the fresh leadership of *Maeda*, the new producer, so please keep giving us your kind support as always. You can be sure that with *Maeda* in control there will be some exhilarating high speed, white-hot battles and truly exciting racing are coming your way soon!

And just as I was thinking that now *Maeda* is producer I would be able slack off a bit from now on...
No chance. Mr. Koyama, executive producer from hell, has been issuing commands like bullets out a machine gun. Nooooooo...