Available Cars

[MX-5 (NCEC)]

With an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the most produced two-seater convertible, the MX-5 is a classic example of a lightweight sports car that is loved all over the world. The low body weight and compact dimensions of this car should help you to chase other cars on courses with a technical layout.

[Mazda Speed 6 (GG3P)]
Mazda Speed 6 (GG3P)

A sporty four-door sedan that combines a 4WD system and turbo engine with an Atenza chassis. Because the chassis is high quality, it doesn't change shape, even when the power of the car increases. It is a little bit heavy, but that doesn't stop the high-torque engine from giving you ultra-acceleration.

[RX-8 (SE3P)]
RX-8 (SE3P)

Although it has a unique double four door body, but it has anteroposterior weight balance inherited from the RX-7 and a sophisticated FR layout. Because it is well balanced, the car feels light on the road. The new generation rotary engine gives you more comfortable blow-ups.


In addition to its sophisticated FR layout, it was designed considering anteroposterior weight balance and aerodynamic effect. It is very good at turning corners quickly at both high and low speed. However, you may sometimes feel sluggishness when accelerating because of the narrow torque associated with rotary engines.

[Savanna RX-7 (FC3S)]
Savanna RX-7 (FC3S)

Has a sophisticated FR layout. It is relatively old-fashioned in comparison with the FD3S, but the ease of movement that comes from the simple underbody structure makes this an ideal car for beginners. The narrow torque that comes from the rotary engine is the same as that in the FC3S.

[Eunos Cosmo (JCESE)]
Eunos Cosmo (JCESE)

Luxury coupe with 3 rotary engines which used to be found only in racing cars. It is not so good for racing, but you can expect good acceleration in high-speed areas due to the smooth blow-ups from the 3 rotary engines. Its large body is also the most effective in the highest-speed areas. However, due to its heavy weight, it sometimes gets slow at corners.