Available Cars

[Supra (JZA80)]
Supra (JZA80)

This car is Toyota's flagship model. Its torque from 3-liter inline 6-cylinder and wild yet stable body enable stable driving in both low-speed areas and high-speed areas. There are a few difficulties in cornering due to the weight on the front part, but it is one of the fastest machines in Wangan line.

[Supra (JZA70)]
Supra (JZA70)

This car is the final model of the 70 type Supra which once participated in races and rallies in Group A. This is the specialty car flagship model of Toyota of this age. Its 2.5-liter inline 6-cylinder, the same as the Chaser, It is the highest in both horsepower and torque of all Toyota car of this age. Its relatively large body is appropriate for Wangan line.

[MR2 (SW20)]
MR2 (SW20)

This car adopts midship layout which is not popular in production vehicles. This car's basic chassis capability is high because it adopts the midship layout used in racing cars. The moving of the rear is sometimes jittery because the range of the tire is limited in production vehicles, but if you can control this thrilling car, you can feel the so-called "driving high".

[Chaser (JZX100)]
Chaser (JZX100)

Although this car is a high-class saloon car, it has high engine power. You may think it difficult to control this large body, but its handling is very good, due to the FR layout and 4-door orthodox structure. If you like 4-door cars, you should choose it.

[Aristo [JZS161]
Aristo [JZS161]

This is a 4-door sporty sedan car with lots of internal space. Although its max output level falls into the range of self-imposed regulation, its large emission volume and twin turbo engine generate extreme torque. Its engine power is higher than normal sports cars. And because it is a 4-speed shift car, you can enjoy driving comfortably.

[Celsior [UCF10]
Celsior [UCF10]

This is a big sedan with the largest emission volume and largest number of cylinders in this game. This rich engine power is only for actualizing a rich driving experience, not for pursuing high speeds. But once you try this, its surprising "power", not speed, will conquer all other cars.