Available Cars

[Skyline GT-R (BNR34)]
Skyline GT-R (BNR34)

Even though this car is a 4WD, it has FR-like characteristics. It has the most aerodynamic body of all modern GT-R cars, so it is really fast in high-speed areas. Its strong body makes it possible to turn corners easily. Although it is relatively slow at braking and acceleration, its overall performance is good.

[Skyline GT-R (BNR33)]
Skyline GT-R (BCNR33)

Even though this car is a 4WD, it has FR-like characteristics. It is very stable in high speed areas because it has the longest wheelbase of all modern GT-R cars. However, it is sometimes slow when turning corners. Its stability in straight lines is been proved by its excellent performance in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.

[Skyline GT-R (BNR34)]
Skyline GT-R (BNR32)

Even though this car is a 4WD, it has FR-like characteristics. Its design is the oldest of all modern GT-R cars, but because it is also the lightest, and its acceleration from low-speed areas and speed at the corners are great. You must be careful in ultra high-speed areas because it has a short wheelbase.

[Fairlady Z (Z33)]
Fairlady Z (Z33)

Although it has large emission volume of 3.5 liters, it has simple handling, thanks to its short V6 engine. Its ground-hugging form generates stability at ultra high-speed areas.

[Fairlady Z (Z32)]
Fairlady Z (Z32)

Although it is from the same age as R32GT-R, this car is famous for its specialty car character rather than its driving style. Even so, its aerodynamically effective streamlined body and the power of its 3 liter twin turbo engine let you feel its latent potential strength. This can be faster than the latest FR cars, depending on tunings.

[Fairlady Z (Z31)]
Fairlady Z (Z31)

This is the first Fairlady Z car to be equipped with a V6 engine. This car is more like a specialty car, but its good balance, thanks to the short engine length and compact body that falls into the range of 5-digits, sometimes displays unexpected potential power. Because its engine scheme is a little old, you should compete at corners using its light body rather than trying to win using power.

[Fairlady Z (Z30)]
Fairlady Z (Z30)

This is an orthodox FR layout car with a traditional L-form 6-cylinder engine. Its power is relatively low compared with modern high power cars, but it runs like an arrow in a straight line due to its lightweight and narrow tread. This sports car has had victories at Safari Rally and other locations.

[Silvia (S15)]
Silvia (S15)

This is one of the few coupe-type FR machines with 4-cylinders. With small emissions volume, it can be a little weak in the battle of peak power. But, it is one of the lightest FR machines in this game, which lets you compete with other heavy-class FR cars.

[180SX (RPS13)]
180SX (RPS13)

This is a hatchback car whose chassis is common to Sylvia type cars. It has a rear window that is relatively larger than coupe body cars, and more weight on the rear side. This car uses retractable headlights, rare in this age, and which make a difference in aerodynamic effectiveness. You may get a different impression from Sylvia cars although they both use the same type of chassis. It has been popular for nearly 10 years.