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3DX Plus Additional Car “Skyline GT-R (KPGC-10)” Aero Parts Collection

As always , this is about the "Aero Parts Collection"
As you all know, the new "Wangan Midnight Maximum 3DX Plus" features the "Skyline GT-R (KPGC-10)" for the first time, and we had our designer Fukusuke (Jufuku) introduce the car's aero parts while throwing in behind the scene stories. 


icon_mori.jpg Duran Mori:
Sorry to bother you in the middle of your special training in the mountains. Apparently you claimed that you could "eat spaghetti through your nose".

icon_fuku.jpg Fukusuke:
It's been awhile.
Thanks for coming all the way out here.
I shaved off one of my eyebrows, so it's kind of hard to go out in public… So anyway, what do you want?

icon_mori.jpg Duran Mori:
Things are heating up for the "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX PLUS World Championship 2011", and I felt it was about time to update the special contents info. However, It's kind of hard for someone who isn't in charge to talk in detail about the car models… So I thought I'd have you, Fukusuke-sensei, write a bit about it. Could you tell us a bit about your work?

icon_fuku.jpg Fukusuke:
Oh, I see…
It is about time to get into the added cars' aero parts, isn't it? A story about my work, huh… That's nostalgic. Resource acquisition and gathering data was by far the hardest part. For example, we went to a vintage car dealership and took photos to use as materials... stuff like that. As for the aero parts, there were many things we took into consideration when making them , such as "seamlessly integrating the Hakosuka in a way that players of the 'Wangan Max' games wouldn't feel it was strange", and "making it so that people who used to know and love for the Hakosuka will appreciate it", etc…

Anyway, I'll try and introduce some of the elements for which I have especially fond memories.

Aero A
This is what you think of when you hear "Hakosuka".
This was designed in the image of old school racing cars. The racing car we used for reference had a singular left headlight, b ut we weren't sure it if would be OK to recreate that… Luckily, we were able to obtain permission from the copyright owner, so we went ahead and used it.

Aero B
The thing that was hardest about thinking up the Hakosuka's aero parts was matching up the square-shaped body characteristic of the '70s with the special curved shape of the rear spoiler. At first glance, this aero part looks like it's in a straight line, but curves were put into the rear wing, fender, and other parts to give it a more contemporary, modern look.

Aero C
As with Aero A, the image of a racing car was used, but this is more of an American style. The characteristic rear wing is reminiscent of a Superbird from the '70s. It's a bit of a strange combination, but don't you think it actually kind of matches well with the square-shaped Hakosuka??

Works Color
(Racing Stripe)
This design is also reminiscent of the old school racing scene. This sort of came up naturally upon hearing "Hakosuka works color (racing stripe) ". (lol ) Paint and racing number change according to body color and customized color, but we hope that you Hakosuka f reaks out there will check out all of them!

Each Car's Wing
For the fans of the old school Hakosuka, we have this Aero A and wing combo! With the Aero A alone, "that style" just doesn't feel complete (lol ). Slap on the works color as well and it's perfect!

icon_mori.jpg Duran Mori:
I guess with this kind of thing, only the creator himself can talk about it in such detail.

icon_fuku.jpg Fukusuke:
The more I look at the images, the more I remember those times… (Stares off into the distance)

I think you all probably have your own favorite dress-up style, so please use the opinion box to brag about your favorite cars!
See you next time!