Kazuhiro Maeda

It's finally here!
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus!!
In response to your many requests through the opinions box, we give you the number one and two most requested cars, the GT-R (R35) and Skyline GT-R (KPGC10)!!
These monster cars, new and old, are landmarks in the history of Japanese cars, and now they can be used in Wangan Maxi!

Dress-up parts have also been increased just as you requested, making it possible to customize your car in any way you like.
It's time to boast to your friends about your sweet new car!

Make sure you try out the new course - Fukuoka Expressway.
It has features not seen elsewhere in the game, like hilly corners. Your car will behave strangely on these corners, but you need to master them to win in VS Battle and Ghost Versus Battle.
Use the corners wisely and enjoy some heated battles with your rivals!

Wangan Maxi 3DX Plus - now with even more power!
We hope you enjoy some ultra-high speed battles in the new and improved game!!

Hiroma Mori
Hello, Wangan Maxi players.
Nice to meet you guys.
I’m a newcomer, and the chief director, “Hiroma Mori.”

In this series, Hiroma Mori received the baton of chief director. I would like to introduce myself here.

I worked on various games such as combat fright games, action games, and casual games, but, wow, racing games are also really deep!
I was so surprised when I first played the game as a development staff member. As a racing game, they are full of elements to entertain customers like “Episode 100!?”. “Dress-up Level!?”, and “Battle with someone else’s ghost!?”.
I also sense that you, the players who have completed those elements, are frightening…

And then, as a game, the much more upgraded Wangan Maxi 3DX PLUS has now been released!!

Two new additional cars including the long-awaited NISSAN GT-R (R35), a new course, additional dress-up parts including new stickers…We are sure this game will also be enjoyed to its maximum by the players.

BGM, one of the Wangan Maxi series attractions, is, of course, added as well.
We are sure you can relish the atmosphere of Wangan Maxi 3DX PLUS right after you start the game.

May the game bring us into contact with many Wangan Maxi players in various places!!