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Sports Entertainment Area

Air Run Area

A new sensation inflatable obstacle course that everyone can enjoy safely.
The Air Run introduced at the Tondemi Heiwajima for the first time has been very popular activity where you can easily compete with your friends, children or parents.

This time, the Air Run intalled in Tondemi Yokosuka is the "Reverse Version" that has further evolved the excitement competition. The player starts the race by pressing the button in the entrance. The player has to run to the other end and press the button and come back to the entrance again.
Due to the fact that there is a turnaround, there are different obstacles for going and returning even on the same course, so you can enjoy one course twice as much on the way back and forth. You can enjoy competing the time with your friends, children or parents.

The course is 54 meters long and many obstacles in the course are made of inflatable. Player has to go through obstacles by climbing, passing through, jumping over, and pushing down.

  • * "Air Run" is a registered trademark of Bandai Namco Amusement Inc. (registered trademark No. 6238877)
  • * This activity is patent pending.
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Sports Attraction Area

This is an area with many sports themed activities that both adults and children can enjoy together. Sports such as "soccer", "basketball", "dodgeball", and "bowling" are redesigned with new rules. Many digital sports attractions can be played here too!

Also, You can enjoy our latest digital contents of "Chekkori Tamaire" and "Odama Okuri". Those two activities are newly developed with the idea came up with the activities played in "sports festival day" in elementary school in Japan. You can play these activities only here in Tondemi Yokosuka.

In addition, you can enjoy "Sisy Fox", the ball rolling activity. This is the first permanent installation in Japan.

  • * As of May 2020/BANDAI NAMCO Amusement research

"SiSy Fox" is a game with a new sensation in which a player uses a large spherical control device in front of the screen to roll a large rock or ball of the player to reach the goal. Players can actually rotate the spherical control device to move the on-screen character. Both small children and adults can play the game.

Chekkori Tamaire

You can enjoy the "Chekkori Tamaire" which you have played in the "sports festival day" in elementary school.
Players have to dance while the musice is playing, and throw the ball in the net while in the interlude. Two players compete to see who have more goals.

Odama Okuri

Odama Okuri is a game to try to send "Odama(Big Ball)" to the goal!
You can't send "Odama" to the goal if you leave the stage as it is!
Make the "piece" by taking picture of yourself and place it to the couse to send "Odama" to the goal!
You can play this game by yourself or play with your firends.

  • * All pictures are for illustrative purpose. They may be differ from the actual activities.

Quick Action Arena Area

This is a new activity developed for Tondemi Yokosuka.
The concept is "Quick Press Athletic".
The "Quick Action Arena", which is an evolution of athletics, has a total of 6 stages, and many buttons are installed in each stage.

Players compete in time for which player can press more buttons.
The player press the button while going through many obstacles such as ball pool, large ball, and net, etc that differ for each stage.
In the 5th stage, Max of 4 people can participate together and compete in a 6m high athletic.
At the end of the 6th stage, a long slider will await you.
This Activity is designed to compete with your friends, children and parents.

  • Stage1:"Touch the Button" press the buttons set everywhere on the wall.
  • Stage2:"Quick Spider" climb the net to press the buttons.
  • Stage3:"Ball Pool Search" buttons are hidden in the ball pool.
  • Stage4:"Giant Ball" remove the gigantic ball to find the button.
  • Stage5:"Quick Action Castle" go through the athletic and find the buttons.
  • Stage6:"Touch the Button" climb to the top of "water fall" of the ball and touch all buttons.
  • * All pictures are for illustrative purpose. They may be differ from the actual activities.

Trampoline Area

This is one of the most popular area in Tondemi.
There are 18 zones in the trampoline area of about 397m², and various zones are set to maximize the fun of the trampoline.
There are diffrent kind of zones such as "dunk shoot experience zone", "dive-in experience zone" and so on. Let go of gravity and enjoy bouncing with your friends and family.

  • Free Zone
  • Dunk Zone
  • Jump Pit
Free Zone
Dunk Zone
Jump Pit

Players can enjoy the views of the Yokosuka main port from the trampoline!

Climing wall Area

A climbing wall area where both adults and children can enjoy. The height of the wall is 6m. We have 8 types of walls and 11 courses with different levels of difficulty that children can enjoy climbing easily.
participants can attach ropes with speed reducers to enjoy climbing safely.
Climing wall from "Clip'n Climb" are installed. There are various types of walls, including one called "Assender" that was first installed in Japan.

In addition, the original wall has been set up for children to learn how to climb naturally. The original route was designed under the supervision of IFSC * Official International Route Setter. Children will learn the climbing skills naturally while having fun.The climbing wall area also has a glass ceiling and wall on the sea side, and players who reach the top of the wall can see the view of Yokosuka Bay.

  • * IFSC stands for International Federation of Sports Climing.
  • * All pictures are for illustrative purpose. They may be differ from the actual activities.

Rope Walk Area

Tondemi have improved the Rope Course to make it even easier. You can experience it without wearing a safety harness. Even small children can enjoy excitement at high altitudes. It is an evolution of the Rope course specially developed at Tondemi Yokosuka.

On the Rope Walk, you can experience 14 kinds of activities with different levels of difficulty. The net is stretched around a height of about 4.6 m and a total length of 70 meters. There is also a net trampoline of a 4.5m and you can fully enjoy the thrills.
From the top of the course, you can see other paricipants playing in the trampoline area below, and you can see the Yokosuka main port when you go up to the front glass side. This activity is surrounded by a net, so it is safe and fun to challenge without a harness.
Since you don't wear a harness, you can move more freely.

In addition, it is illuminated in various colors at night. You can enjoy the Rope Walk with a different look from the daytime.

  • * All pictures are for illustrative purpose. They may be differ from the actual activities.

Kids Area

Kids Area

This Area is for the small kids who cannot play with the Tondemi Basic Pass due to the safety codes.
Participants can play the activity by movingy our body.

  • Kids Trampoline
  • Kids Net Athletic
  • Kids Seesaw
  • * All pictures are for illustrative purpose. They may be differ from the actual activities.