About our facility

Sports Entertainment Area

Rope Walk Area

Enjoy the thrilling Rope Activity!
There are 7 types of activities with different difficulty levels.The rope is set at a height of about 3 m and a total length of the rope is 42 m long. You can safely experience the thrill of walking high places by wearing a harness with a structure that does not fall.

"ROPETOPIA" made by WALLTOPIA of Bulgaria, is installed for the first time in the indoor facility in Japan.
("ROPETOPIA" Japan exclusive agency: Tosho Associate Co., Ltd.)

  • ※First time in Japan: (Introduced indoors / As of March 2017 / According to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement research)

Climbing Wall Area

A Climbing Wall area that both adults and children can easily enjoy. There are 11 different types and 13 courses with different difficulty levels so that even children can easily enjoy climbing.
Participants will wear a rope with a speed reducer and enjoy climbing safely.

"FUN WALLS" made by WALLTOPIA in Bulgaria, which is famous all over the world, are installed in the facility.
("FUN WALLS" Japan exclusive agency: Tosho Associate Co., Ltd.)

  • ※The largest number of "FUN WALLS" installed in Japan (as of March 2017 / according to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement)

Trampoline Area

Trampoline area of about 660㎡ includes many different zone that you can enjoy the fun of trampoline to the fullest.
Various Trampoline Zone

  • Free Zone
  • Dodgeball Zone
  • Dunk Zone
  • Jump Pit
  • Ninja Athletic
Free Zone
Dodgeball Zone
Dunk Zone
Jump Pit

New Trampoline Attraction "Space Hoppers"

A new trampoline attraction that you will want to upload on SNS.
It is a new type of attraction that allows you to experience as if you participate in a space race by utilizing projection mapping and sensing.

This content is developed together with coconoe inc.

  • ※Installed first time in the World (as of March 2017 / according to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement)

Coconoe inc. is the creative company who have created not only website but also games.
Coconoe inc. has won domestic and international awards such as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Innovative Technologies, Japan Media Arts Festival, Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Awards, Adobe MAX Awards, and FITC Award.

  • ※All pictures are images under development.

Amusement Area

Amusement Zone where you can play crane games and sports arcade games. You can enjoy various arcade machine.

Kids Area

Kids Area

This is an area for children who cannot experience the Sports Entertainment Area due to Safety Code.

※Safety Code for Sports Entertainment area
Height: Only between 110cm to 190 cm
Weight: Only between 20kg to 120kg

  • Kids Athletic
  • Kids Wall Climbing
  • Kids Trampoline
  • ※All pictures are images