SPACE ATHLETIC TONDEMI “HEIWAJIMA” - How to use & About the Registration

How to use & About the Registration

We will guide you through the flow and necessary information to get to Tondemi!

Step.1What is Tondemi

About our facility

"TONDEMI" is a next-generation athletic facility where you can easily experience the attractions gathered from all over the world. Anyone from adults to children can enjoy in various attraction areas such as "Trampoline Area", "Climbing Wall Area" and "Rope Walk Area".

Tondemi Heiwajima is located inside the mall "BIGFUN Heiwajima".
※Please check the Official website of "BIG FUN Heiwajima" for the details.

Our venue is composed of "Tondemi Sports entertainment Area" and "Kids Area".
All guests from young to adults can enjoy together.

Tondemi Sports Entertainment Area
  • Trampoline Area
  • Air-Run Area
  • Climbing Wall Area
  • Rope Walk Area
  • Pedal Cart Area
  • Digital Sports Area
  • Amusement Area
Kids Area
  • Kids Area


Tondemi Heiwajima is a 120-minute facility. There are three types of tickets you can shoose from.
If you are planning to purchase "Tondemi Basic Pass", you need to register as a member, so please go through step 2.

※Campaing is available for a limited time!


Step.2Go through the registration. Be a member.

About the registraion.

Tondemi Original Socks

You need to go through the registraion if you are the first-time visitor.

  • ※Registration is not needed if you are already the member of Tondemi, purchase the Kids Area Ticket or Entrance fee for adults/parents.
  • All participants who purchase the "Tondemi Basic Pass" need the registration. You will receive the "Tondemi Original Socks" after the registraion.
    • ※Please wear these socks when you are playing at Tondemi Area.
      There are some grips on the surface so you can jump as high as you want!
Go through the registration here.
  • ※Please go through the registration before your arrival.
  • ※Admission time will be shorter by finishing your registration beforehand.

Step.3Decide which time to play.

About your entrance time

Tondemi Heiwajima let our guests enter every 60 minutes.

※It may take some time in the reception. Please come to the counter 30 minutes before the entering.

  1. Entrance Time Usage Time 10:00~12:00
  2. Entrance Time Usage Time 11:00~13:00
  3. Entrance Time Usage Time 12:00~14:00
  4. Entrance Time Usage Time 13:00~15:00
  5. Entrance Time Usage Time 14:00~16:00
  6. Entrance Time Usage Time 15:00~17:00
  7. Entrance Time Usage Time 16:00~18:00
  8. Entrance Time Usage Time 17:00~19:00
  9. Entrance Time Usage Time 18:00~20:00
  10. Entrance Time Usage Time 19:00~21:00

Step.4Check before you come.

About your time

You may enter the facility 60 minutes before your usage time.
It may take some time at the reception. Please come to the counter 30 minutes before your entry.

Please get ready to show the following

※1)Sample of Reservation number
  • "Reservation number ※1" Issued after the registration.


Please bring the items below if you have visited before.

Tondemi Membership Card
Tondemi Original Socks
  • * No items will be needed when playing in Kids Area or supervising only.

About your Clothes

There are many activities to move your body, so please bring clothes and shoes that you can move easily.
There is a changing room in the facility. For luggage such as changing clothes, please use the free lockers inside and outside the changing room. We also offer free rental shoes, but prefered to bring shoes you are comfortable with.

  • Clothes that are comfortable to move around
  • Comfortable shoes
Not prefered
  • Clothes that are not suitable for sports
  • Accessories(earings, piers, rings, etc)
  • Chains
  • Watches
  • Caps or hats
* Note
  • We may ask you to remove your eye-glasses while you are playing some activities.


  • There is the changing room and the lockers in the facility.
  • We also offer free rental shoes, but we prefer you to bring shoes you are comfortable with.


Please check the FAQ if you have any questions.


Step.5Let's head to Tondemi

On the day

Reception counter is on the 3rd floor.
Warm up well, and spend the great time in Tondemi.


  • Check the Official website of "BIG FUN Heiwajima" for how to access in detail.
  • When you visit by Car, there is free parking ticket for 3 hours for our guests. Park your car at BIGFUN Heiwajima (6,7,8,RF) or Heiwajima Park No.3 and show your parking ticket at the counter.