About our facility

Sports Entertainment Area

Trampoline Area

Our trampoline area of ​​about 660㎡ with 54 mat let you enjoy the fun of trampoline to the fullest. There is some zone where you can enjoy "dodgeball" and "volleyball" on the trampoline, and no doubt you can have fun with your family and friends.

  • ※One of the largest trampoline area in Japan (as of May 2018 / according to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement)

Various Trampoline Zone

  • Free Zone
  • Dodgeball Zone
  • Dunk Zone
  • Jump Pit
  • Volleyball Zone
  • Action Jump Zone

Tondemi have installed the brandnew trampline which have developed together with Senoh Corporation, known as a member of Mizuno group and the official trampline supplier.
this trampoline is designs for both adults and children who are not familiar with trampolines can play with more fun and peace of mind.

Air Run Area

This is a new sensation air-inflatable athletic course that both adults and children can enjoy safely.
Obstacles made of air are set in the course with a total length of 40.7 m, and you have to run for the goal by climbing, passing through, jumping over, and knocking down obstacles.

Rope Walk Area

Tondemi Heiwajima is the first indoor facility in Japan where
"Skytrai l ® Discovery" and "Sky Tykes ®" made by ROPES COURSES in the United States.

In "Sky Trail ® Discovery", you can experience 12 kinds of activities with different difficulty levels. You will wear safety belt and walk on a rope course stretched around a height of about 3.5 m and a total length of 111.63 m. At the end of the course, there is a zip line that slides down a distance of about 18m. You can enjoy the thrill of height.

  • ※Tondemi is the first facility to install ROPES COURSES product in Japan (as of May 2018 / according to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement)

"Sky Tykes®" is a small ropewalk that allows children who do not meet the safety code of Tondemi Basic Pass to challenge the ropewalk with their parents. This is a small ropewalk for preschoolers who could not experience the activity until now. This is an area where children can have a “first athletic experience” with their parents.

Climbing Wall Area

There are 14 types and 19 courses with different difficulty levels.
The maximum wall height is 10m, so you can try climbing at a height you have never experienced before.
Guests wear a rope with a speed reducer and enjoy climbing safely.
Many climbing wall such as "Clip'n Climb" made by Clip'n Climb of New Zealand are installed and designed to compete with your family and friends.

  • ※The staff will install the auto belay.
  • ※Most numbers of Climbing Wall installed in Japan. (as of May 2018 / according to BANDAI NAMCO Amusement)

You can also enjoy the Digital Climbing "WONDER WALL" produced by AQUA RING Inc,
Vertical Slider and others too!

Pedal Cart Area

This is an area where you can enjoy driving on a full-scale pedal cart.
The cart moves by pedaling, and the handle is easy to operate. There is no doubt that anyone can enjoy driving.

Amusement Area

This is an amusement area where you can enjoy sports games.

  • ※For the guests purchased the Sports Entertainment Area of 120minutes. You can enter from 1 hour before the usage time until the end time.

Digital Sports Area

This is an area where you can enjoy the digital sports activities using the latest digital technology.
You can enjoy the Finnish digital game activity "iWall", introduced for the first time in Japan, and the "Ningen Tower Battle", first time to be installed in permanent facility.

『iWall』 Introduced First time in Japan

This is a digital game activity which you use a motion sensor.
Move your body and control the character to clear the game.

『Ningen Tower Battle』 Introduced First time in Japan

This is a digital game, homage to the popular smartphone game "Animal Tower Battle (※1)".
You will be the piece of the block and try to stack your piece as high as you can. You can play by yourself or with your friend.
Game will be over if your piece falls down.

※1) Animal Tower Battle
SmartPhone game released on March 31, 2017.

Kids Area

Kids Area

This is an area for children who cannot experience the Sports Entertainment Area due to Safety Code.
You can enjoy 6 activitiesof "Kids Version" of Tondemi activities.

  • Kids Athletic
  • Kids Wall Climbing
  • Kids Trampoline
  • Kids Pedal Cart
  • Kids Mountain
  • Kids Seesaw