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In Japan, sports activity is becoming poplar gradually, and especially trumpoline is really popular in Asia and Western country. Houever, these kind of place isn't spreading domestically yet, so we propose to make "TONDEMI" for families, couples, friends, to enjoy sports.

TONDEMI have an about 1600㎡ floors, and it consists of "Sport Entertainment Area" and "Amusement Area".
In "Sport Entertainment Area", you can enjoy playing trampoline, climbing wall and rope athletic.
And also, we have amusement arcade at "Amusement Area", so please feel free to play.
In TONDEMI, for your safety, instructors support your play regularly.

The theme is "Entertainment center that has novel pleasure".

  • ◆We gather pleasure with bodily sensation that you can enjoy with your family and friends from all over the world. And we are aiming a new entertainment facility that is filled with pleasure that you cannot get from internet.
  • ◆We have a large number of trampolines that are popular globally. It is one of the Japan's largest scale.(※1)
    You can enjoy playing trampoline with not only jumping but also a dunk shot and playing dodge ball in the trampline area that is about 660 square meters.
  • ◆ "Space Hoppers" first appeared. You can experience for a popular type of trampoline by "Space Hoppers" with projection mapping.(※2)
    You can feel a feeling of floating as if you participate in a race in space! It first appeared in TONDEMI that a popular type of attraction that you cannot experience that in conventional trampoline.
  • ◆There are various climbing walls that include 11 kinds and 13 courses! Small childen can play them safely with deceleration control system.
    We have "FUNWALLS" by WALLTOPIA that is famous for climbing walls and that is the largest in japan. Anyone from adults to children can enjoy climbing walls.(※3)
  • ◆We also have amusement area and kids area. The customers who are do not like a high place and small children can be satisfied!
    There is athletic playground that is small children can play with abandon and there are arcade games that include sports and crane game machines so everyone can enjoy them with their family and friends.
(※1)(※2)(※3): As of March 2017/ an internal investigation.



For beginners
For beginnersThese are Q&A for beginners. Please check if you visit TONDEMI first time.
Contents of TONDEMI
  • Trampoline
  • Climbing Wall
  • Rope athletic
  • Other athletics
  • Amusement machines ... etc.
Ticket prices

You can play trampoline, climbing wall, rope athletic.

¥2,500 (Price including tax)

¥550 (Price including tax)
As intial membership registration fee including TONDEMI original socks

Use restriction

Height 110cm~190cm Weight 20kg~120kg ※Member registraion is required at first time.

Children under 120cm can play at "Mini TONDEMI"!

¥850 (Price including tax)

Use restriction

Children over 120cm can not play at Kids area. Adults must enter together for the safety of children.

Those who are accompanied and observed

¥600 (Price including tax)

Use restriction

If you admit as parent, you can't play any attractions. (But you can help your children and take picture.)

Playing restrictions "Sports Entertainment Area" is for passenger over 110㎝ and 20㎏~120kg.
Children under this regulation can play at the Kids area. Under the age of 3 can't play any area of TONDEMI. (Entering is ok and free)
  • ※As you enter TONDEMI, we need you to agree with the terms of use. Under age of 18 customer have to get agreement from parents.
  • ※Also, elementary school children have to enter with parents. (Parents have to be 20 or over, highschool student can't be)



AEON MALL Makuhari New City, Family Mall 3F, 1-5, Toyosuna, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 261-8535, Japan
Operating hours
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Means of transportation
For more information, please visit the following Website: "AEON MALL Makuhari New City"
AEON MALL Makuhari New City Annex - GRAND MALL(3F).
There is also an amusement arcade.


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